Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hello and Welcome!

Hi there! This is Grisel, your humble writer, artist, and journalist, welcoming you to my little blog. What can you expect on "Write to Right?" The main focus of this blog space will be NEWS and EVERYDAY INSIGHTS that might go unnoticed.

No comments on the usual TV and news stories that we are all innundated with. Think of me as your RARE AND HARD-TO-FIND NEWS DJ. I will be digging through the moldy corners of newsland to bring some things to your attention that traditional news sources neglect, and, of course, my DRY AND WITTY COMMENTARY will most likely follow.

In addition to these gourmet tidbits for the socially aware, I will also, on occasion, let you know about other writers, artists, and their work. I am certainly not the only writer or artist in the world worth paying attention to, so WHEN WE SEE SOME COOL, MIND-CHALLENGING STUFF, WE MUST SHARE!

Oh, and if my cat or my husband do something really cute, I may post a picture of it, but you can forgive that, right? Sweet.


oscar said...

welcome to!

Cliff M. said...

I'll confess, I'm not a big blog reader, but your first post was near & dear to my heart (being a dj and all)... good stuff. Keep it up!

Yolanda kae said...

hey Grisel
that was hot
i'm glad to see that i'm not the only one that has a record collection.
i have everything George Clinton ever put out on vinyl.
and i'm proud
owner of records, albums, cassettes, mini discs, cds and now MP3's

ollav said...

I'm the blogger without a blog, but I'll read and post now and then. I read your blog, started thinking, where is my vinyl? Woah is me, it was not to be found. I only had a dozen or so old punk 45s (back from the hey day of subpop and the like). Guess they got lost somewhere along the line.

B (of R&B)