Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Killer Instincts

Yesterday the European Union issued a statement urging my current home state to halt executions because it is about to top off at 400. Texas has more executions under its Lone Star belt buckle than many other states combined. I've been thinking about this a lot because a San Antonio native, Kenneth Foster, is set to be executed even though he has never killed anyone in his life. There's a law that says that if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, a jury of your peers can say you were guilty of the murder someone else committed. That's what happened to Foster. He was in the car waiting for his friend, heard gun shots, wanted to drive off, but then didn't drive off because another friend in the car told him not to. It has been established that Kenneth had no desire to murder anyone but because his friend did, he's going to be killed.

The Texas news is so sympathetic (read: sarcasm). Despite that, people all over the world are protesting. Yesterday, thousands in Austin, sent a message to the State Capitol (where Dubuya himself once snorted a few lines). This article demonstrates a bit of that sympathy. I think it is quite interesting that the EU has taken interest in our murderous rampage in Texas/the U.S. Or is it exactly a murderous rampage? Are our killer instincts levelling everyone in our path or are we more selective?

It seems that the death penalty doesn't exactly apply to everyone, does it? This article came out about a week ago. Let's see, now...Foster didn't kill anyone, yet we're killing him. Mary Winkler did kill someone, yet she has gone free in less than a year. Interesting. What's the difference? Oh, she had post traumatic stress disorder...from trauma experienced as a child...and the trauma manifested itself when she became an she killed her husband...and was cured in about a couple of months. Yes, that makes sense! No? Well, what else could explain why we're killing Foster and not Winkler? I'll let you be the judge. Maybe Foster stands more of a chance with you as the judge. I know if I were the judge I would have decided that anyone who hasn't killed, can't be killed. He may need to be locked up because he was involved somehow, but if he didn't kill anyone, there isn't any reason to kill 'em. I know if I were the judge in the Winkler case I'd remind Winkler that a lot of us - especially women - have experienced trauma in our youth, severe hope-killing trauma, but once we become adults it is our responsibility to get help so we don't kill our minister husbands. This woman had THREE KIDS. If they grow up and murder their spouses, will they also claim post traumatic stress disorder because their mama was a crazy woman?

We all have killer instincts. It is the reason why we eat. We want to survive. We kill plants (veggies, paper, etc.), we kill organisms in our water, we kill animals if we aren't vegan. And yes, sometimes we decide, if only in our minds, that someone's life just isn't worth it. The problem is when we decide whether someone's life is worth it based on something other than the survival instinct. It is clear that in this country - especially in Texas - we have decided that poor Black men just aren't worth it, even if they aren't guilty of murder. White, middle class women, even if they are proven murderers, are apparently worth it. This is who we're choosing to live with.

This is who we're choosing to live with.

My killer instinct once said to me, "Don't hurt 'em unless they are coming at you." I've taught behavior disorder kids in the Bronx and kids with an enormous sense of entitlement in the suburbs, and I have yet to hurt any of 'em. If you meet people where they're at, they don't come at you with bad energy...usually. But our court system.... They are coming at me. They are coming at all of us with racist, classist, blatant murder.

It makes me sick. It makes me sick because I am starting to wonder if I should change my killer instinct. Aw, I'm a lover, as the cliche' goes, but I am sharpening my pen. The fountain of my eyes is shooting bullets. I am ready to level those in my path to JUSTICIA. My husband says "those people won't understand anything but a noose around their necks." I hope there is some other way. I hope I can draw that noose, make it tight like my writing and make it sting like regret. I hope.

(P.S. There is also a Kenneth Foster Yahoo!Group - join to get updates.)


Anonymous said...

Drew here.

Well, I'm glad for you and your state! You're doing such an efficient job that Europe is talkin' sh*t. Makes you proud to be a new Texan doesn't it? Yeeeeee-Hhhhaaaaaawwwwwwww! Come on, you know it does. Cacti, desert, BBQ, reckless gun-rack toting f#ckers with a kill 'em all attitude. That's positive, real positive. I'm not really surprised by all of this to be honest. Unfortunately, I'm all too familiar with some of the inner workings of this countries judicial system, and not from the countries side of the bench either. None of the people involved give a flying f$ck through a rolling dough nut down a hill on a windy day! The judicial system is so covered with the filth and stink of corruption it's not even funny. It all comes down to money, power, and what someone tells someone else to do. It doesn't matter whether or not this guy is guilty or not. I'm not familiar w/ all of the details of the case but it seems that this person had a terrible lawyer if he was totally innocent of the crime. I mean if my life was on the line in a state where I knew they actually got off by pulling the plug on a human life then I'd be one loud mo foe in that court room. Everyone within a mile distance would know that I had nothing to do with it and I wouldn't shut up once until some one began to notice that I am innocent(or they'd have to bring in the straight jacket and some duct-tape). You talk about people getting off; let's flash back real quick to O.J. and Michael Jackson. Now these are two people who should be rotting away in a cell crawling with rats and roaches. What do you know, they're free as me and you. You know why? They've got money to get great lawyers who can twist and bend any damn law they please. This comes down to being able to afford a lawyer who will take the time to believe in and stand up for their client, or at the very least their clients bank accounts. Clearly, Kenneth does not, or did not, have the proper amount of money to save his non-guilty hide with a great lawyer. This has to do with, as you pointed out, a person's race, economic stature, etc.
All I can say is that I feel for Ken in a big way. If their is any justice in this life, anyone involved in this crooked case will live a painful life, and hopefully an even more painful after life. It would be great if these people came back to life as convicted criminals who themselves would have to face their own criminal system and its' bells tolling out judgment and punishment.

the laws in this country are a joke and they can all be manipulated to whatever degree they need be. Talk about reading in-between the lines. In our country there are no lines just words. what does that mean? It means that with no lines there is no structure. Content with no structure equals a scenario where the content can be shifted so much that it no longer matters what was there in the first place. So content equals nothing when you have got loose or no form at all. This countries judicial system has the back bone of a mouse. there is content but the form is not made up of solid bone but rather cartilage that is capable of squeezing through the tiniest of cracks only to emerge still whole on the other side of reason, fair sense, and thoroughly equal opportunities. With any luck you'll have a power outage the day they kill this guy. You'll all be in the middle of a sweltering hot, bitch of a day. they'll pull the switch just before lunchtime, so the boys can get a lunch out of the deal, and the surge will just F up your whole electrical system. AC's won't work, traffic lights will be out, refrigerators will die, bread will not toast, and then you will all have to pay for killing an innocent man.

Grisel said...

You don't F around, do you? Everything you say is true but there is hope.

There are people in Europe hanging "Stop Executions" in front of the Pope at the Vatican; from what I understand, the New York Times was supposed to do an article on Foster either yesterday or today (Sun. 8/26 or Mon. 8/27) and he continues to get more and more press as the day draws near (he's scheduled for execution on 8/30).

I've signed the petition and sent a letter to Gov. Rick Perry (even though in Texas a governor cannot grant clemency to a Death Row victim without permission from the Board of Appeals - shock, shock).

Heck, even Gov. Perry's minister read a sermon that examined what real justice is and highlighted how many Death Row victims were cleared in Illinois when a university study showed evidence that cleared them.

What is important to note here is that there are people ALL OVER THE WORLD who are willing to come together over this issue. Most of our news coverage is biased or non-existent and yet people have found ways to communicate about this issue. That gives me hope.

But yeah, I'm pissed, too.

Anonymous said...

And so am I. But I have to say, what pisses me off the most is the people you meet who actually believe that the death sentence creates a SAFER environment. Hooray for logic and reason.


Grisel said...

It is 8/30/07 and the Board of Parole in Texas has voted 6-1 in favor of a stay of execution - that means they want to stop the execution! Now it is up to Gov. Rick Perry to agree with them and give the final decision. If he continues with this execution it will forever be associated with his name. Let's see what he does! I'm gonna call his place right now and continue to put the pressure on him. If you want to, here's the number: (800) 252-9600.

Grisel said...

Gov. Rick Perry just stopped Kenneth's execution. Right on! I guess one person's life is enough, sometimes. Tears of joy. Tears of joy.

Anonymous said...

That is great news! Maybe there is still an ounce of humanity left in us. Does this mean he is off the execution list or does this just stall it?


Grisel said...

He's off the list. Still in jail, but alive in jail.

Levi Jacob Bailey said...

Hey...this is kind of an inappropriate post considering the intense subject matter, but I didn't know how else to thank you for the positive comment you left on my blog about my artwork. I really appreciate the feedback, you really made my day!

Children with out voices said...

I think we see life differently depending on what side of the fence we are sitting on. In the case that you explain about being at the wrong place at the wrong time would deem a little common sense and I am not sure exactly how I would feel if one of my children or family members was brutally murdered. I know the eye for an eye doesn't bring back a life but it also guarantees that an individual can't repeat a viscious crime ever again. Each case is individual and should be judged independently due to circumstances. I do know most people don't pick up a cause to fight until it effects them. It is a very troublesome situation to have to deal with this, but one thing I agree with you is that we are all capable of being killers, whether it is to defend ourself, kill for food etc. I have seen people who proprose to love each other aim a gun at their partner in anger. I am so against hand guns and yet I see both sides of a argument, "guns don't make killers, killers use guns." I would hate to have to sit in judgement. If anyone hurt my children I can't say that the mother instinct would not fight back to protect as I am not violent but I would instinctively protect my children. I don't believe its all or nothing every situation must be reviewed independently and I would hate to be on that jury. In Pennsylvania where I am from a Amish school house was broken into and innocent children murdered, the best thing about that story is that killer took his own life, because you can't tell me that a wild animal deserves to live after he cut down youth in its prime. I am rambling here because for every situation that seems unfair, there are millions who will spend life in prison for the murder of innocent people. Is there a right and wrong? I had thought if the jury was made up of victims, those who lost a love one to a viscous crime, what might be the results?
A neighboring child was murdered and her body was found buried in a shallow grave,sexually abused and choked to death..... in this case and eye for a eye doesn't sound to bad, that's the mother in me speaking.

Anonymous said...

Foster was put on death row,
Winkler was not. Is this because he is black and she is white? Is it because he is perhaps a member of the lower-class while she is a member of middle-class society?

Foster was in a perfectly normal state of mind when he drove his friend to the location where the latter committed murder. Winkler, on the other hand, is purported to have suffered from PTSD as a result of a traumatic childhood.

Now, does it seem more likely that these two scenarios unfolded as they did because of class and racial prejudice or because juries full of soft-hearted, suggestible fools inexplicably believe every liar with a slightly tragic past and a shrink who will testify that the defendant has or had PTSD or some other mental malady?

That race card seems to have such a hair trigger these days.

Also, to Drew: "Cacti, desert, BBQ, reckless gun-rack toting f#ckers with a kill 'em all attitude." Really? If anything I've seen today is prejudice it is your comment. Before hawking the perceived ills and stupidity of another section of society perhaps you should step down from your gleaming pedestal for a few minutes to check for correct grammar. While you're down here, grab a big slice of perspective.

Your white hood of societal prejudice absolutely reeks of hypocrisy.


Grisel said...

I think the thing to remember here is that Kenneth Foster didn't kill anyone. He was in a car when someone else who he knew did. There were two other people in the car and they were not placed on death row. Oh, and the judge told the jury they could put him on death row. A judge is not supposed to create bias in such a way.

As far as Winkler, she wasn't even jailed for a year after she DID kill someone. If you don't call that a discrepancy of justice, you are entitled to that opinion.

I understand your comments about Drew's depiction of those residing in Texas but there are a couple of things to consider when reading that comment. First, I live in Texas and I am sure my friend Drew does not view me in that way. He is clearly referring to a certain type of person. Second, Texas has executed more people than many states combined and the impression that this leaves throughout the world is the one that Drew is bringing up. This is why people on several continents were protesting Foster's death - because of the "kill 'em all" attitude that this state so often takes with the poor and especially people of color.

Texas, as a government entity, is in a position of power, unlike the poor and people of color it chooses to murder on a regular basis (as seen on the nightly news announcements of executions - I've seen at least ten since I moved here; I saw maybe two in my entire life before moving here). If Texas does not want its position of power depicted in such a way, then it should stop preying on the victims of racism and poverty.

When the heads the of corporations that line I-35 are placed on death row for feeding cancer and obesity-causing HMO food to the masses and not offering healthy alternatives at fair prices, then maybe the powermonger depictions you don't seem to understand will stop.

When I can drive around San Antonio and NOT see a car pulled over by a cop or if I do see a car pulled over but I DON'T notice that the person pulled over is Black or Latino, then maybe the powermonger depictions will end.

When I can look at death row and NOT see a disproportionate number of Blacks and Latinos represented simply because they could not afford a good lawyer or when I can look at death row and see corporate crime represented there or when I can look for death row and not find it at all because the biased system has been done away with, then maybe you'll find the powermonger depictions end.

By the way, T., since you're concerned with grammar, I'd like to let you know that the word "prejudice" is a noun. In your sentence (that points to Drew's grammar), you write, "If anything I've seen today is prejudice...." and what is needed there is an adjective. The proper form of the word would be "prejudiced." The sentence still has problems beyond that, but I rarely try to teach more than one grammar lesson at a time.

Sorry; I invite all commentary and strongly urge everyone to post whatever he/she may have in mind, but if you can't get with the program regarding racism, classism and abuse of power, you better have an argument that floors even me. Some folks done it (I sometimes get creative with grammar, T.) - some folks done it, others have tried, but when I got truth in mind, my arguments glide. Like a butterfly and a bee, ALI! Aw, shucks, girl can't help it.

But really, if you have an argument, by all means, bring it, just know where I'm gonna be comin' from, too.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Foster was (past tense. He, thank god, was taken off) put on death row for UNKNOWINGLY transporting another individual across town to a place where that individual then proceeded to commit a murder. He is still in prison for this.

Our president and his associates KNOWINGLY transported thousands of individuals half way across the world and then KNOWINGLY GAVE THEM DIRECTIVES TO COMMIT MURDER, 1.1 MILLION MURDERS THUS FAR. What consequences should the president and his men then receive from a jury?

Just a question.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I'll admit that I'm reticent to believe the story a drive who transported another person to a location where the passenger murdered someone, the driver knew it, and the driver did not leave. Fault me for that all you want.

Second, I'm not saying that Winkler was served justice. My argument was simply that it was because of jurors' apparent belief of every story about some childhood trauma. I'm saying that race isn't the reason she got off so early.

Third, I don't even agree with the death penalty but the fact of the matter is the death penalty is used in Texas, it is the consequence of murder until changed.

Fourth, are you implying that every person on death row has been wrongly convicted? That is absurd.

I'm not even going to number this paragraph or argue about corporations and bad food, not because I'm a proponent for either but because that isn't what the issue is.

Next, cops have to pull people over. Furthermore, hispanics/latinos and blacks in San Antonio 66.1% of the total population of the city. That in mind, you have less than a 40% chance to see a person pulled over who is not hispanic or black.

Sixth, I'm pretty sure that the reason you see so many non-whites on death row isn't because of a flawed justice system. More than likely the cause is that those people (using your assumption that they're lower class) lived in areas where poverty and crime were higher, making them more likely to commit crimes themselves. I'm not implying that they aren't perhaps in those locations because of racism, but the justice system isn't out to lynch people.

Lastly, I COULD have used an adjective there, but a noun is fine. I could just as easily have typed "is stupidity" or "is idiocy" and either would be correct, just like my original sentence.


Grisel said...

Alright, you asked for it. I'm gonna break it down for you, T (What, are you afraid to write your name? And don't use VT as another example because we all know who he is.).

Here's the breakdown of your words:

It doesn't matter whether you believe Kenneth was an accessory or not. HE DIDN'T MURDER ANYONE. People all over this planet do not believe in murdering someone if that person did not commit murder him/herself. Only "kill 'em all" idiots believe in killing people when they haven't killed anyone. He didn't torture anyone, he didn't rape anyone, he didn't hang a noose on anyone's porch. He drove a car and, no, he didn't leave his friend, but that's no reason to murder the guy. If you believe in murdering someone who didn't commit murder, then I have a new understanding of Drew's comment.

Winkler didn't "get off early." Her case was thrown out. She isn't doing any time at all. There are countless people of color and poor folks who experienced childhood trauma and that means nothing in court for them. Some statistics for you: according to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2005, Whites made up 80.2% of our population and Blacks made up 12.8% of our population; according to the Death Penalty Information center, about 67% of the women on death row are White and about 25% are Black. There is a disproportionate amount of Black women represented. Is this because Black women are more evil or do more killing? No. It's because Black women can't afford the same kind of B.S. lawyer Winkler had. Furthermore, the system is racist because it actually sees more White defendants because there are more White people in the U.S. Duh! Nonetheless, somehow, more Black people are incarcerated and put on death row.

OH HIGH AND MIGHTY LORD OF GRAMMAR, what does this run-on sentence mean? What is the point? Uh, yeah, we have the death penalty; that has been established. However, you are wrong when you write that the death penalty is a consequence of murder; if that were the case, thousands of people across the world wouldn't have protested Kenneth Foster's execution. He didn't murder anyone yet he was placed on death row.

No one has implied that everyone on death row has been wrongly convicted. What I am saying is that, according to the overwhelming empirical findings of scholars across the U.S., persons placed on death row disproportionately represent the poor and people of color. In other words, our biased jury system decides poor, Black, Latino and other people of color should die more often than Whites, oftentimes for the same crimes and/or lesser crimes.

If you are not aware of how genetically modified foods and high fat content foods are part of corporate warfare on the poor and people of color, I am not about to educate you. If you've missed all of the news about health issues in the U.S. and in countries where WE DROPPED GMO FOOD AND SEEDS FROM OUR U.S. PLANES, it's not my job to get you to read something.

Have you been outside of Texas? Cops don't have to stop somebody. They only have to do it if they see something incredibly unusual. I see people pulled over every day here. I lived in New York and Chicago and it was quite an occasion when I saw someone pulled over. You think crime doesn't happen in New York or Chicago? I'll tell you another thing - when I lived in those two cities (WHERE PEOPLE OF COLOR ARE THE MAJORITY), if I saw someone pulled over, I never knew what damn color the person was gonna be. Here, the person is always Black or Latino.

I guess you're right. If I've seen anything today is idiot it is you, Anonymous T.


Grisel said...

(After the one he refused to number and just called "Next"; I missed a spot.)

So Black and Latinos commit more crime because they live in more crime-ridden areas? And that is why they are on death row? What world do you live in? You think crime isn't committed in the White House? You think crime isn't committed on Wall Street? You think crime isn't committed in the suburbs? Why aren't all those criminals on death row? Did you know that our police were formed to protect the elite class? That is how the idea of the police came about. Therefore, when someone commits a "crime" is, by the set standards, something that has been done against the elite. A crime that is committed against the poor isn't even on the books as a crime. See "Gangs of New York" to start. Go to the library. The police and the law were originally formed to protect the White elite. How else do you think genocide was committed in the Americas? If we actually held folks accountable for MURDER here, all of the U.S.'s forefathers would've been on death row.

Toro said...

Has anyone noticed that there is absolutely NO racism whatsoever. It just doesn't exist. I don't know what all the fuss is over. I have never met a racist.

It's funny, since I have been in Texas, I have seen some of the most hostile, blatant, and violent acts of racism imaginable, but whenever I or someone else brings up the racism here, someone gets offended and tries to say or write something that attempts to refute such an idea, and say it is about something else. They will even deny, logic, reason, statistics, evidence, and research to lie to themselves and everyone that racism just isn't a factor in the immmense injustice and power inequality here. No one has the courage to just say, yes, racism is a central and significant factor in such situation.

They certainly don't have the courage to admit being racist, they will just build an elaborate set of lies, rationalizations, and gated communities to hide the real fact that they are racists. I'd be happy if someone just said it already.

Or at least, say who they are when they post on a blog.

I can't believe in 2007 people actually believe that the upper class suburbs are full of whites just because those are the hardest working most honest people who deserve all the wealth and resources and the slums and ghettos are filled with people of color because they just aren't smart enough or didn't work hard enough, or they want to be poor and criminals.

It was planned that way and those in power work very hard to make sure it stays that way. Get with the program. There's only a thousand books, films, and artworks out there that explain this.

The crime is higher in THOSE areas, are at least is alleged to be because those people had EVERYTHING stolen from them by the whites in this country, and they have to do whatever they can sometimes just to survive, at least its for survival. The whites in this country that live in suburbs and mansions and condos steal just to have MORE LUXURY.

Anonymous said...

Closed minds make closed blogs.

This blog is obviously a self-aggrandizing form of self-assurance. Promoting ones beliefs to a narrow selection, a similar minded audience whose views are almost parallel to the blogger.

Why must one name thyself on this horrid excuse for a medium of communication? I undoubtedly will give my name. And no, not everyone knows who VT is. It’s bollocks to presume we all know who VT is. I’ve read several of these entries and find them all quite narrow minded, and often VT comments. But no name to go with these initials.

We all make choices, Kenneth made his. He did not murder some one, quite true. But on those grounds, then we would have been very lenient on Hitler’s lackeys.

Also, I will go ahead and save you your precious time on the whole language attacks. I will most likely have fragments, run on, and incomplete sentences. It’s ridiculous to stab at one’s skills in English, people often talk, debate, and tell stories in fragments. They will run on, they will use language as they need. Not as one defines, tries to govern. The English language is always changing. So better get used to the change.
“seen anything today is idiot it is you”
I’m sure if that had been from any other source besides your own hand, then you would have torn that sentence at the seams. But since it is your very own words, I can assume maybe there was a fault in your typing. I hope that is the case, or else your words are quite lacking.

Coppers, from my understanding, pull over people who are either already breaking the laws, or are driving quite awkwardly. Now I wasn’t there to see why these people were being pulled over, but were you? Did you see their driving method in action? Cause if you were, and they were driving just fine, then and only then would there be grounds for racial profiling. But if you were not present during the actual law enforcement process, then you have no grounds for such accusations.

True, the past was riddled with favoritism, discrimination, and what have you. But our country has evolved, because that’s the basic function of a democracy. I will say that America is abusing democracy, by not participating in it. The government is for, and by us. But we have yet to really drive our government the way we want.

People are sedated by the mass media, the internet and blogging included. Those in control of those medias are continuing the sedation to keep their way of life thriving. People can make change, but they’d rather not worry about it. Not trouble themselves with the politics of people.

No one is saying racism doesn’t exist. It will undoubtedly exist till the end of time. It is fueled by one’s childhood, and by one’s body chemistry. It’s a sad state of being. Hate makes hate, so the vicious cycle, I believe, will never end as long as there is human beings.

- River

Grisel said...

If you take a minute and read previous entries, you'll find that a lot of people have brought in ideas that contradicted mine and I acknowledged that they had a point. I don't disagree with people who have different points of view for the sake of it. If you provide information that educates me or makes me look at another viable perspective, then I am grateful. However, if you are going to equate someone who thinks that certain Texans have a "kill 'em all" attitude (based on a news event that clearly supports that some Texans DO have that view) with a KKK member and then insult that person by pointing out grammatical mistakes when your own writing has similar errors, then you are not educating anyone. You are engaging in divisive behavior. Look at the discussion on gentrification and you'll find many points of view. And somehow we managed to express them without creating the discord that you have. Do you even realize that no one on this site would have attacked you if you hadn't personally attacked Drew?

Also, this statement...

I guess you're right. If I've seen anything today is idiot it is you, Anonymous T."

...was sarcastic. I was using the grammar that you defended in your own work and pointing out how it doesn't work.

River, I strongly suggest that you read more books. Read more articles from a variety of sources. Look at the Jena 6 case. Scan the Yahoogroup called Black Brown Unity Community. Read the headlines on Seeing Read the CENSORED book series and find out about our U.S. culture and policy and what that has done here and around the world. Read newspaper translations from around the world. After you've done your homework, then maybe you can engage in a conversation that might be more satisfying to all involved. You are right - people ARE sedated by the media, which is why it is our responsibility to read sources that are alternatives to corporate-owned entities. Most of the media in the U.S. is extremely biased on the conservative end, but even the liberal media only covers stories that keep the status quo.

Racism isn't a thing of the past. It is alive and well in the present. And, racism isn't something that is fueled by our childhood. Racism is a system that promotes bias in order to keep power in the hands of the few. Racism is something that is promoted by the images we are inundated with in the media (this is the reason why it is easier for you to want to keep Kenneth Foster on death row even though he didn't kill anyone); we are always given images of people of color in law enforcement situations so our brains learn to equate this as normal. It is not normal nor is it fair. This is why we don't think Wall Street folks should be in jail; we have been taught, purely through media imagery, that a man/woman in a suit is responsible and doesn't deserve to die or have harm come his/her way, even if the practices in his/her office are despicable. The media you question is the proponent of the attitudes you've displayed here. Don't you find that ironic?

To equate Kenneth Foster's frantic moment in a car, when his friend did something unexpected, to being a Hitler lackey is not a good analogy. Hitler's men were involved in a conspiracy for YEARS. Foster didn't know what had happened, he wanted to leave, but the other men in the car told him he couldn't leave their friend (the one who committed murder). Truthfully, if I were in the same situation, I wouldn't want to leave my friend, either. I would definitely turn myself in and do my time (as Kenneth is doing), but death row is not the answer for such a moral dilemma. By the way, many of Hilter's lackeys lived comfortable lives...uh, where...oh, in the U.S. They were not put on death row; many were not even put on trial.

Okay. I'm tired of this subject. This blog was supposed to be a celebration of Foster's change of status and now that he's already been granted that, I find it strange to still have to defend him. If you have such a problem with my blog, why do you keep returning?

Toro said...

VT is Vincent Toro. Me. And there is nothing else to say that Grisel hasn't already said.

But yes, T/River should read more. There is far too much information out there about racial profiling, and corporate crime for anyone to exhibit ignorance on the subject.

We are open to many different opinions on this blog, the only thing we ask is that YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

I mean come on, even middle class white kids know by now that cops are not peacemakers who uphold the law and serve justice, there are thousands of indictments out right now on cops that support this.

Need I mention that San Antonio's sheriff just had to step down for the corruption he was involved in.

And I have been in the car with black and latino males as they have been pulled over and harrassed by cops when the driver was obeying every driving rule in effect.

If the cops were busting those breaking the driving laws half of San Antonio's driver would be locked up for blatant recklessness the way most of them drive.

Over and out.

Anonymous said...


River again. I am not T. Since when does river start with T.
Also there was a typo. I was going to undoubtedly not give my name.
So River is not my name. That maybe have lead to some confusion.

I've been pulled over by the coppers on no grounds what so ever. Stated cause of the stop was a "busted tail light" yet after the cop let me go, I found nothing wrong with any of my lights whatsoever. I am caucasian. I also have heard from a few of my friends that the same cop has pulled them over for no reason as well.

On no grounds whatsoever, we were pulled over.

But we didn't just sit there as the masses will do. We started by contacting the sheriff's office, writing letters, voicing our ideas. We may have been heard, but still no action has been taken.

Attacked Drew? I have done no such thing. Must have been T. I'll see these T remarks.

After reading T's remarks. He makes quite a number of valid remarks.

I will say T's address about Drew's remarks were undoubtedly similar in content, full of loathing. T is most likely a Texan, proud and true. But Drew's remarks seem to be a lot more narrow minded.

Corporate warfare. How does this pertain to the death penalty.
Also. What the bollocks is that?
The only corporate warfare I know of is the internal struggle for position in a company, and the fight for consumers. The consumer is their livelihood, why would a corporation be fighting with them?


Grisel said...


One example of the corporate warfare I am talking about is how U.S. government planes dropped genetically modified seeds into India/Pakistan in the hopes that starving people would plant them and eat them and create fields of the gmo rice, for example. Then the fields could be claimed as intellectual property because the gmo strain is "owned" by the corporation that created it. What ends up happening is that the strains inevitably end up mixing with non-gmo strains and people who never wanted the gmo seeds end up having to give up a portion of their earnings because they are producing gmo vegetation without knowing it. Furthermore, it is unknown how this food will affect the population healthwise. This is why countries around the world have created "NO GMO" campaigns - for both health reasons and for power reasons, especially when it comes to people of color. The U.S.-based corporations try to take advantage of the fact that people are starving and poor and tries to dump their creepy products on them (think McDonald's). Health has never been a major concern when it comes to people of color; alcohol and cigarette ads have been notoriously placed in communities of color for some time.

I'm sorry I did not know who you were. All of these clandestine posts can get quite confusing, indeed. It's interesting how people are quick to criticize persons who have been open about themselves but don't have the same guts when they are criticized.


Grisel said...

Again, another argument for the fact that racism is alive and well in ALL parts of the U.S.

Federal Prosecutors to Probe Chicago Torture Scandal -

And federal prosecutors have announced they’re now conducting a criminal investigation of the Chicago police torture scandal. For nearly two decades a part of the city’s jails known as Area 2 was the epicenter for what has been described as the systematic torture of dozens of African-American males by Chicago police officers. In total, more than 135 people say they were subjected to abuse including having guns forced into their mouths, bags places over their heads, and electric shocks inflicted to their genitals. Four men have been released from death row after government investigators concluded torture led to their wrongful convictions. U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald says his office will probe whether former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and his subordinates lied under oath or obstructed investigations into the allegations. Fitzgerald also says prosecutors have re-opened an investigation into the 1987 fire that led to the conviction of one of the torture victims. The victim, Madison Hobley, has sued Burge and more than twenty officers for allegedly coercing him into falsely confessing to murders.