Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why God Drops Us Out of Windows

so we splat, of course
our body must seep back into earth
twist into mud and burn
turn towards the center molten
revisit the core

sirens wind our minds stupid
others invade, destroy imagination with
twinkling diamond promises and caviar
tunnels winding into shallow waters
restricting rooms
reviled networking

so we spar for cubicles
outside outsourced outwitted outlying
twittering fools fiending for dream
tongues to give voice to
revisionist programming
rivers sonic streaming

see we must splat, set a new course
our body must break, shock
twinge and shake convulse froth
tense into nothing shadow light
reframe itself

bleed and scream into a river of red orange black heat and new horizon

1 comment:

Toro said...

I was miss you and so I visited your blog, which led me to re-visit this piece.


It's rhythm is matched by it's mystery. Beautiful phrases and intense energy to each line.

This poem filled me up this morning and kept me warm.

Thank you for your words, Dr. Acosta.